Hi folks. I don’t live in San Francisco anymore, which renders anachronistic the name and mission of this blog. Instead of leaving it behind, however, I want to mediate it. My cinephilia was born in San Francisco and there it shall remain, even if only in the frayed threads of memory. 

I now have the splendid opportunity to do some writing for The Cleveland Cinematheque and AkronFilm+Pixel. This means, primarily, program notes. And I want to log them here as they’re written. I hope you’ll enjoy them and find them informative.

Here’s what Girish Shambu has to say about James Quandt’s famous program notes – a characterization to which I aspire:

His aim is to simultaneously stir cinephiles while sparking the interest of the uninitiated. His writing is always aware of its crucial role as teaching, while being in possession of a style that is personal and elegant. And all of his program notes radiate an erudite, cinephilic excitement that is intensely appealing.